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Great Service!

Great Service !Probably the best company in Cyprus in swimming pool construction and maintenance !

Marios Papados

Excellent Service

Excellent Service

Giwrgos Eyridixorou

Best Service

Best service. PPC maintain my pool for the last 10 years. Always on time and never had any kind of problems. Big bravo

Kwnstantinos Antoniades

Strongly recommended!

One of the most professional swimming pool companies on the island. Superb service! Strongly recommended!

Annie Marmara

Really friendly & helpful staff

Really friendly & helpful staff, exceptional service and very reasonable prices!

Anthi Evangelou

Extremely qualified Pool maintenance team

Pool maintenance team is extremely qualified and office employee is extremely helpful and welcoming.

Kristina Theofanous

Get In The Pool. We’ll Do The Rest


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