Andreas Constantinou
By Andreas Constantinou
Dec 16, 2020
Swimming pool leaf skimmer net In action

Our monthly maintenance package starts from as low as €90 and includes the following:

  • Twice a week visit or more if required, due to ( bad weather or heavy usage )
  • Water testing of pH and Free Chlorine levels
  • Weekly chemical testing of combined and total chlorine levels, cyanuric acid levels, calcium, and total dissolved solids levels
  • Vacuum all areas inside the pool, including Balance tanks (for overflow pools)
  • Water level cleaning of debris
  • Skimmer basket cleaning or water canal cleaning (for overflow pools)
  • Chemical treatment and removal of unwanted scale around the pool
  • Pump inspection and cleaning of the pump basket
  • Sand filter inspection for required operational pressure
  • Backwash and Rinse sand filters as required by usage
  • Adding chemicals as and when required
  • Cleaning and maintenance of Salt Chlorinators (only applicable for saltwater pools)
  • Maintaining constant water level at all times by top up when required
  • Keeping and updating an operational and chemical log sheet for your pool
  • Eligible for exclusive seasonal discounts on pool accessories

For more information Contact Us at : +357 26-220220.