Andreas Constantinou
By Andreas Constantinou
Mar 04, 2021
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iSaver Plus is a revolutionary swimming pool product which enables any conventional pool pump to work at variable speeds, thus, saving you a lot of money on electricity bills.

Conventional pool pumps are considered to be the largest single users of residential electricity. These pool pumps unfortunately consume a lot of energy and often are very noisy. Sometimes, the constant noise they produce can exceed 60 decibels (dB).

iSaver Plus is the first mass produced frequency converter fitted with a touch sensitive display in the pool industry. iSaver pump inverter comes with a build-in timer function which enables your pool pump to work at variable speeds and therefore, save a lot of energy and achieve a quitter operation.

The timer function features a variety of running modes. You can either operate your pump at constant rpm/speed, or you can set up to four different timers for your daily operation, each with an individual speed setting.

Let's take a simple example. For a typical size swimming pool, you would run your pump for between 6-8 hours daily. And you should backwash & rinse your filter approximately once a week. These are two different pump operations. With the ability of having different timer modes for each task, you can set the pump speed at low setting for the required 6-8 hours daily and set-up a different timer mode just for the backwash & rinse operation at full speed. In this way, you can use your pump at full speed only when it's truly needed in comparison to working always at 100% and wasting kWh's for no reason.

Even if you have the bold idea of running your pump which is fitted with the iSaver Plus for 24 hours at low speed/rpm, you still achieve up to 80% in energy saving thus, paying less. You can always monitor your power consumption on the build-in display and have an idea of how much energy the pool pump is consuming under different speed settings.

What is the payback period?

This depends on each individual case, but it can be less than 1 year. A rough calculation as to how much you can save on a period of 12 months with the iSaver Plus can be seen below. Let’s say, for a regular swimming pool (4 x 8 x 1.5m) you have 48m³ of volume in water. For this size of pool, you would typically use a 1 horsepower (0.74kW) pump. According to Eurostat, the average price you pay for each kWh you use is €0.2. If we assume that you use your pool from April to October (7 months), the cost for operating your 1HP pump per year is €752. By fitting your pump with an iSaver Plus inverter, your expenditure drops to €169. This is a total **annual savings of €583**. Sounds Good?

Advantages of iSaver Plus

  • Save up to 80% energy at low speed
  • Pump noise level reduced by 25%
  • Optional timer settings suitable for different applications / operations
  • Improved filtration performance at lower speed, less chemicals required
  • Prolonged life span for pool pump and other pool equipment
  • Great contribution on reducing greenhouse gasses (GHG)

So, if you are eager in reducing your electricity bills ASAP , drop us a call at +357 26220220