Andreas Constantinou
By Andreas Constantinou
Feb 16, 2021
In-ground swimming pool with new liner

Pool Liner is the plastic material covering the surface of your swimming pool. Maintaining your pool liner might be something you’d like to master, in order to minimize the chances of needing a frequent liner replacement. A well-kept pool liner can last many years, although it will eventually need to be replaced. When we talk about pool liners, we normally think of plastic membranes that cover the inside of the pool.

The most well-known and widely used pool liners are vinyl-liners. More precisely, pool liners are made from Poly-vinyl Chloride (PVC) which is a very versatile and durable thermoplastic polymer. Vinyl-liners come in different colours, patterns, textures, and thicknesses!

The liner gives the pool it’s looks.

How to maintain your pool liner

1. Avoid bleaching

When you add chemicals to your swimming pool, make sure you do not add them directly on the surface. Direct contact of these chemicals with the liner’s surface can cause discolouration (bleach spots) and make the liner deteriorate in the long run. To avoid bleaching, dissolve your chemicals in a separate bucket, and then add it to the pool. In the case that you use chlorine tablets, you should use a floating tablet dispenser instead.

2. Brush the liner regularly

This might sound a bit time-consuming but will surely help you keep your liner strong and clean for a long period of time. Additionally, frequent brushing of the liner can reduce the risk of algae growth on-top of the surface as well as of dust accumulation and calcium scale aggregation. Try to gently brush your liner with a soft sponge or plastic brush once every two weeks!

3. Avoid completely emptying the pool water

It is advised that pools covered with vinyl-liner are not completely emptied. The reason behind this is because the lack of water can cause the liner to relax and wrinkle or even shrink!

4. Keep the pool water chemistry on point

What does this even mean? Well, if there is a chemical imbalance the water might end up at a low pH. A pH below 7, can be damaging for vinyl liner. To avoid drops in pH, you can check your water pH weekly using a pool water test kit.

Tip: it is best to keep the water pH from 7.2-7.6. If your pH is constantly below 7, give us a call. Low pH can be caused due to many reasons. But we can help guide you on how to resolve the issue, or if needed, fix the problem for you!

5. Use with care

What we mean by this, is that dangerous and sharp objects should be used with care in the pool, or maybe avoided all together. In addition, if your dogs love to take a cool shower in your swimming pool, make sure they know how to get out using the pool stairs! Trying to get out in any other way, might lead to scratching the surface of the liner – which is something we would like to avoid.

PPC Pool Services in Liner Maintenance

At PPC, we have been supplying and installing pool liners for more than 20 years.

Our talented and experienced team of pool consultants can advise you on how to maintain a pool liner clean and healthy.

We understand that having a swimming pool is like having a big garden.

If you want to keep it pretty and functional, you need to take care of it.

We also understand that you might lack the time to do this on a monthly or weekly basis. And this is why we offer pool maintenance services.

So, if you are busy but eager for keeping your swimming pool liner clean and functional, drop us a call at +357 26220220 and we’ll do it for you!